Medication Therapy Management and the Prevention of Medication Error

According to the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), medication-related events are a massive problem to this country’s public health and well being. As our Baltimore medication error injury attorneys have reported in a related blog, according to the APhA, 1.5 million people are injured by medication errors every year, that cost around $177 billion in personal injury and death, and could be preventable.

Ed Webb, associate executive director of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, recently stated that prescribed medication is only beneficial if taken correctly, and if medication therapy is not managed well, it can do harm. Webb, along with other experts, recommends medication checkups, known in the business as medication therapy management, or MTM.

As our Baltimore pharmacy error attorneys also discussed recently in a blog, more and more people are being encouraged to make appointments with their pharmacists as well as their doctors to discuss the medications that they take in an effort to prevent medication error, pharmacy misfill or patient injury.

Patients reportedly often end up saving money when meeting with pharmacists, by switching prescriptions to generic drugs instead of brand-name, or dropping medications that they may no longer need. Other patients are often able to eliminate medication side effects with help from a pharmacist on the best time to take the medication, possibly changing to a different drug, or avoiding a potentially dangerous mix-up of drugs, which can lead to expensive trips to urgent care or emergency rooms and result in personal injury.

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