CVS Pharmacy Misfill Mixes up Child’s Hyperactivity Drug with Methadone

In recent news that our Baltimore pharmacy error attorneys have been following, a nine-year-old child in Las Vegas reportedly received an accidental pharmacy misfill at a local CVS Pharmacy, after his hyperactivity medication was filled with methadone, a drug frequently used to treat withdrawal and dependence problems with people who are addicted to Heroin.

Tammy Jordan claimed that her son, Kyren, an active kid, is sometimes prescribed the drug Methylphenidate, to help treat his hyperactivity disorder. Jordan claims that she didn’t even check after picking up the prescription from CVS, as this was a common medication for her son.

According to, Jordan reportedly noticed that after Kyren had been taking the prescription misfill for an entire month, he couldn’t sit still, and couldn’t tell his mother why. A few weeks later, after dropping off the medication at Kyren’s school, the nurse called Jordan, and was alarmed that Kyren was taking Methadone and not Methylphenidate—the medication that the nurse regularly gave to the child.

Jordan claims that she was shocked by the medication error, and stopped Kyren from taking any more of the drug. He reportedly went through a period of withdrawal, but made a full recovery with no injury. Once Kyren recovered, she reportedly approached CVS, where the pharmacist on duty took the bottle and peeled off the first label, revealing that another label had been mistakenly placed on top of Kyren’s medication.

The state Board of Pharmacy is reportedly looking into the prescription drug misfill, to decide what exactly what happened, and how to prevent prescription filling errors from happening in the future.

In a recent blog our Baltimore pharmacy error injury lawyers discussed tips for preventing pharmacy misfills when picking up your child’s prescription at the pharmacy, including verifying the medication, always double checking the name on the prescription, the dosage, usage, and whether the drug is suitable for your child’s weight and size.

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