Maryland Pharmacists May Be Distracted Up to Thirteen Times Per Hour, Leading to Pharmacy Errors

Many people will admit that they occasionally get distracted while at work. It’s human nature to get distracted occasionally, and even to occasionally make mistakes. However, in some lines of work, the costs of distractions and mistakes are much higher than others, and employees need to be particularly careful to ensure they are not harming others. This is true, for instance, in pharmacies. Maryland pharmacy errors cause harm and injuries to patients every year. Part of the reason is that pharmacists and pharmacies have recently been expected to handle more and more tasks faster and faster, making it easy for mistakes to occur and not get caught until it is too late.

Recently, an industry news source published a piece discussing the importance of minimizing distractions whilst working in a pharmacy. The post shed light on the fast-paced pharmacy work environment, and how often pharmacists are interrupted while doing important tasks, like filling prescriptions, checking dosages and instructions, and communicating with patients.

According to the post, a recent study found that those working in pharmacies were interrupted an average of seven to thirteen times each hour. The interruptions could be categorized into five major categories: (1) patients walking up to the counter or calling in refills; (2) technicians interrupting pharmacists, usually for assistance on something they are unauthorized to do; (3) pharmacists self-initiated distractions, such as calling a prescriber’s office or initiating a non-work conversation; (4) technological distractions, such as a phone ringing or an announcement over the store’s loudspeaker; and (5) other pharmacists having questions.

While many of these distractions are part of pharmacists’ jobs, it is easy to see how and why Maryland pharmacy errors occur. When distracted, pharmacists may give the incorrect dosage to a patient, or swap two different prescriptions altogether. They may fail to catch an error in the instructions for a medication, or not realize that there is a significant interaction between a prescribed drug and another drug being taken by the patient. These errors can cause significant harm to patients—so much so, in fact, that a doctrine of law has been developed to help those injured in pharmacy error cases to hold the pharmacy or the pharmacists accountable. These lawsuits can help those injured by providing them with financial compensation to cover their lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

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