Pharmacy Insulin Mistake Almost Results in Fatal Accident

People who regularly take prescription medicine or have received prescription medication in a hospital or clinic setting can appreciate the vital importance of best practices when it comes to receiving the medicine. Whether it is at the pharmacy or in the hospital, it is essential to be aware of safety measures that could make a major difference in the care you receive. Every patient deserves peace of mind when it comes to their medications, and to live free of the consequences of medical and pharmaceutical malpractice.

Incorrect or erroneous distribution or application of medications is surprisingly present in the United States. In fact, some sources cite a rate of one in five Americans experiencing a medical error while receiving health treatment. Unfortunately, Maryland is no exception to this trend, and Maryland residents should be aware of emerging best practices in the face of the increased computerization of pharmacies and hospital medication cabinets.

What Are Common Illnesses Caused By Medication Errors?

According to a recent news report, a Mocksville woman has filed a complaint with the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy after she says she was recently given the wrong insulin at a Walgreens pharmacy. The woman from Mocksville, who didn’t want her identity revealed, says she’s had type 1 diabetes for 24 years. She has worn an insulin pump for 23 years. She told reporters that she had never had a problem like this before, so she didn’t think something like this could happen. She was quoted as saying, “surely, you know, they can’t give you the wrong insulin.”

The woman says she normally uses NovoLog insulin, and the one she was given is called Novolin. Thinking it was just a generic brand, she thought nothing of it until she saw the bottles. “I noticed that the insulin was milky white versus clear like it normally is. So that raised a red flag,” she said. She says she was ready to put it into her pump, but “something told me to double-check.” She then took a second look and realized the Walgreens pharmacy located at 901 Yadkinville Road in Mocksville had given her long-acting insulin.

“I just feel like it’s a very serious incident, and we trust that when we are given medication, that it’s correct. And it needs to be correct,” she said. She also encourages others who take prescribed medication to double-check it before taking anything.

Do You Need a Maryland Pharmacy Error Attorney?

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