Follow-Up on Colorado Boy Who Died Due to Pharmacist’s Error

As you may recall reading on this blog a few weeks ago, back in early June of this year, an eight-year-old Colorado boy passed away after he was given 1,000 times the correct dose of his medication. The news of this tragic accident shocked the nation, and reporters have been following up on the story to bring a more complete version of what actually happened to light.

According to one local news report that recently provided an update on the tragic accident, the boy had suffered from the symptoms of ADHD for nearly a year before his parents decided that medicating their son was the best option. Aware of the potentially harmful effects of the medication, the boy’s parents were hesitant to provide their son with such a powerful medication. However, his worsening symptoms and inability to deal with them necessitated the medication.

He was originally prescribed Clonidine, which is used to treat both ADHD and high blood pressure, in the form of a pill. Since he was so young, the doctor prescribed him one-quarter of a pill at first. That was then stepped up to a third of a pill. His parents would have to cut the pills into thirds, but this was difficult because the pills would often turn to powder. The boy’s parents found a solution in that they had a specialty pharmacy make a liquid compound so that their son could ingest the proper amount of medication in a less cumbersome, more accurate manner.

The first month’s supply of the liquid medication worked well. However, after the first dose from the second bottle, the young boy became extremely dizzy and very sleepy. He fell asleep, and after a few hours, he still didn’t wake up. His father then took him to the emergency room. For the next few hours, the young boy was in and out of consciousness, suffering from extreme hallucinations. He eventually recovered and was released from the hospital. However, just a few months later, he died from an auto-immune response that his parents believe was directly related to the overdose a few months before.

It was later discovered that the second bottle of medication had been 1,000 times the potency that was prescribed by the boy’s physician.

Have You Suffered through a Pharmacy Error?

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