Unprecedented Levels of Burnout in Pharmacies May Affect Maryland Patient Safety

Pharmacy staff members are reporting unprecedented levels of burnout across the country, according to one recent article. In the article, leaders in the pharmacy field explain the negative effects that burnout can have on patient safety—an impact that may be felt among Maryland pharmacy patients who may suffer from Maryland pharmacy errors. Burnout is characterized by emotional exhaustion, a low sense of personal accomplishment, cynicism, and depersonalization. It can happen in any profession, but in the pharmacy field, where it can affect pharmacists and other staff, its effect can result in increased medication errors. A 2018 study found that 53 percent of the health system pharmacists reported a high degree of burnout. One chief pharmacy office reported that record-high hospital volumes and pharmacy technician shortages have been challenges for the field. Another noted that studies have shown that burnout is linked to medical error and medication errors.

Victims of Maryland pharmacy errors can file a claim against the pharmacy or other people or entities responsible for the error. Individuals who may be liable for the error include the doctor who ordered the medication, the pharmacy technician who dispensed the medication, and the pharmacist who provided the medication. Entities may also be liable including pharmacies, healthcare groups, and hospitals. Someone who has been injured because of a medical error has to show that the defendant acted or failed to act in some way that caused the plaintiff harm. A plaintiff has to prove that it is more likely than not that the harm the plaintiff suffered was caused by the defendant’s conduct. This means that a plaintiff must prove both that the defendant’s wrongful conduct was the actual cause of the plaintiff’s harm and also that the harm that occurred was sufficiently foreseeable so that the defendant should be held liable for its wrongful conduct.

How Long Do You Have to File a Maryland Medication Error Lawsuit?

Maryland medication error lawsuits generally have to be filed within three years of the victim’s injury, though there are exceptions in some cases. Consulting with an attorney as soon after the injury is advisable though, as evidence can disappear with time and many cases require a lot of investigation prior to filing the claim—such as finding out who the proper defendants are and gathering evidence of fault and of damages. Patients who file successful medication error claims may be able to recover financial compensation for damages. Compensation for damages may include past and future medical treatment, lost wages, psychological suffering, pain, and more.

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