Recent Study Indicates that Type 1 Diabetes Patients Are at Especially High Risk of Experiencing a Medication Error

In the pharmacy world, it is well-known that diabetic patients are among those with the highest risk of being victims of Maryland medication errors. This is due mostly to the fact that diabetic patients are often required to take several medications in a very specific dose, as well as the fact that a failure to get the medication (or too large a dose of the medication) will likely result in an adverse health event.

According to a recent study, those patients who suffer from Type 1 diabetes are more likely than patients with Type 2 diabetes to experience a medication error. The study followed 671 diabetic adults who were admitted to the hospital. Researchers tracked the patients from admission until discharge and double-checked each administration of medication. As it turned out, about 30% of patients experience at least one error.

The most common type of error accounted for roughly 60% of all errors and was an error of omission. When this type of error occurs, a patient is not given the medication that they were prescribed by their physician. Other common error types were wrongly added medications and improperly administered medications.

Interestingly, patients with Type 2 diabetes experience fewer errors as a whole than patients with Type 1 diabetes. It appears that roughly 17% of Type 1 patients experienced an error, whereas just 12.5% of Type 2 patients experienced an error. The type of error from which each class of patient was most likely to suffer was also different for Type 1 and Type 2 patients. Type 1 patients were more likely to experience an error involving a diabetes-maintenance drug, whereas Type 2 patients were more likely to experience an error involving a cardiovascular medication.

Researchers hypothesize that the reason behind their findings is based on the fact that most Type 1 patients are admitted to the hospital in the case of an emergency, potentially increasing the chance of an error.

Who Is at Fault for Pharmacy Errors?

Pharmacy errors can have a number of causes, but most often they are caused by a pharmacist who is rushed to complete too many prescriptions per shift, resulting in the pharmacist not taking enough time per patient. In these cases, a patient who suffers harm due to a pharmacy error may be able to obtain compensation for their injuries through a Maryland pharmacy error lawsuit. However, these cases are exceedingly complex and often require a medical expert in order to establish the necessary elements. Anyone interested in filing a pharmacy error case should discuss their case with a dedicated Maryland pharmacy error attorney.

Have You Been a Victim of a Maryland Pharmacy Error?

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