Prescription Error Overdose Leads to Paralysis, Victim Hopeful for Recovery

Our Maryland pharmacy misfill injury attorneys have been following the recent developments in the tragic Walmart prescription error incident from 2008 that caused a teenager to suffer a pain medication overdose that led to paralysis.

When Jessie Scott was 18, and suffering from strep throat pain, his doctor prescribed a low-dose of the pain reliever, oxycodone hydrochloride. After receiving the prescription from Walmart, Jessie’s mother administered one dose to her son.

In a grave prescription drug error, the Walmart pharmacist reportedly failed to dilute the drug, and the prescribed dosage of 5 milligrams was actually around 100 milligrams, causing a prescription drug overdose. Jessie went into a coma, suffered organ failure and paralysis.

Scott, who is now 20 years old, has reportedly experienced some remarkable changes physically and psychologically, making incredible strides since the horrific incident that caused his disabilities. Thanks to a court prescription error lawsuit settlement with Walmart, Jessie’s parents were able to build an area in their house with special accommodations that allow him to be transported from room to room. He can now raise his arms, hold his head upright, wiggle his toes, and even kick. Although the odds seem to be against him, Jessie holds out hope that he will walk again.

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Hope continues for victim of prescription overdose, May 9, 2011

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