Some Pharmacy Errors Caused by Small Print on Medication Bottles and Other Medical Literature

A recently published medical industry report attempts to point out the surprising threat that American patients face every day in doctor’s offices and hospitals due to the small print that is used on many prescription forms, medication bottles, and medical review materials. The report, which was supplied to the publisher by a company seeking to profit from the present-day problem, notes that a survey of health care professionals performed in 2014-2015 found that almost 90% of doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals reported difficulty reading the small print found on drug labels and that over 35% were aware of a close call or actual prescription error that occurred because of the small print on some medical materials.

Doctors Who Don’t Need Reading Glasses or Assistance From a Colleague with Adequate Vision May Make Mistakes and then Blame the Small Print

The report contains startling information that millions of patients may be placed at risk every day because doctors and nurses are unable to read medication bottles correctly, and some of these professionals apparently do not take the initiative to ensure that their eyes are functioning well enough to protect their patients from a pharmacy or medical error stemming from a piece of medical literature that is read incorrectly. The article seems to place the blame for these errors and any injuries, illnesses, or deaths they cause upon the small print that is used on medication bottles. However, the bottom line is that medical professionals are responsible for reading what is on medication bottles and other literature before they give a potentially dangerous medication to a patient.

If a medical professional is unable to read a piece of text and does not seek assistance by consulting a colleague, putting on some glasses, using an app on their smartphone, or using a piece of magnification equipment to ensure that they understand what they are doing, they should be held responsible for any injuries that are caused by their mistake.

Making a Case for Damages after a Pharmacy Error

Medical professionals make up some of the most dedicated and intelligent people in the American workforce, but some medical professionals believe themselves to be incapable of making a mistake. This type of confidence and pride may come in handy for a medical student or resident who is required to work extremely long hours while maintaining their attention and composure, but that same pride can be a curse when the medical student becomes a doctor who believes themselves to be the most competent person in the room. Many medical professionals who are found to have committed mistakes or errors are unable to admit that they made a mistake or accept responsibility for the result of a pharmacy error.

Victims of a pharmacy error or another medical mistake may discover that well-respected medical professionals are trusted and believed even when they don’t deserve to be, and proving that an error was due to the neglect of a respected medical professional can be a difficult and frustrating endeavor. Patients should not forget that doctors must be held to a high standard, since lives are in their hands.

If a doctor makes an error because they misread a bottle, it is not the fault of the small print, the manufacturer, the lighting in the room, or anything else. It is the fault of the doctor, and the victims of such an error deserve to hold that doctor responsible for their mistake.

A Maryland Pharmacy Error Attorney Can Help You Hold Medical Professionals Accountable for Their Mistakes

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