Hospital Patient Nearly Killed By Medication Error Involving Lethal Injection Chemical

People who regularly take prescription medicine or have received prescription medication in a hospital or clinic setting can appreciate the vital importance of best practices when it comes to receiving the medicine. Whether it is at the pharmacy or in the hospital, it is essential to be aware of safety measures that could make a major difference in the care you receive. Every patient deserves peace of mind when it comes to their medications, and to live free of the consequences of medical and pharmaceutical malpractice.

How Common Are Pharmacy Errors?

Incorrect or erroneous distribution or application of medications is surprisingly present in the United States. In fact, some sources cite a rate of one in five Americans experiencing a medical error while receiving health treatment. Unfortunately, Maryland is no exception to this trend, and Maryland residents should be aware of emerging best practices in the face of the increased computerization of pharmacies and hospital medication cabinets.

Near-Fatal Accident Stemming From Medication Errors

According to a recent news report, medication provided to a 54-year-old COVID patient nearly resulted in his death after he was instead given cisatracurium, a muscle-paralyzing agent that has been used in lethal injections, by mistake. The patient was set to receive a final dose of the antiviral drug remdesivir before being discharged.

The patient spent more than a month at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby, Pennsylvania, and spent several more months in a rehabilitation center, re-learning how to walk and talk as a result of the error. He was once an avid jogger who had been pursuing a new career in information technology, but as a result of the medication error, he now suffers from severe brain injuries and may never run or work in the same capacity again. Studies have shown that medication errors like this one are among the top ten causes of patient deaths and permanent harm throughout the nation.

It is believed here that following the proper medication procedures could have caught and prevented the error. The Philadelphia Inquirer cited a review of the patient’s 4,421-page medical report, state pharmacy regulations, licensing records, and hospital policy, and determined that the incident was entirely preventable if the proper protocol had been followed.

Do You Need a Maryland Medication Error Attorney?

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