Covid-19 Vaccine Administration Errors Involving Labeling

After almost two years since COVID-19 vaccines become available, there are still concerns regarding avoidable administration errors that result from labeling and communication errors. When we walk into a doctor’s office to receive vaccines, we trust that we will receive the correct vaccination. But when administration errors occur for various reasons, it is important that these errors are accurately reported and that steps are taken to prevent these administration errors from happening again.

According to a recent news report, one current problem involves the labeling of the Moderna vials for the primary series for ages 6 to 11 years of age, which are still labeled as “for booster doses only.” Despite the label, these are not used for booster doses. In addition, there are two different Moderna vaccine vials that have a similar dark blue cap, which could result in an error if the vaccines are stored close together. The labeling includes the word “bivalent”, which may be more difficult to see on the Pfizer booster dose for ages 12 years and up, while compared to the Moderna label which may feature the word “bivalent” more clearly on the label. The word “bivalent” is essential to distinguish between the monovalent vaccine.

According to an interview involving the president of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), which was shared by Pharmacy Practice News, ISMP has received messages via Linkedin, phone, and email regarding how the labels appear to be so similar and regarding the difficulty of seeing the word “bivalent.”

How Can Covid-19 Vaccine Errors Can Be Avoided?

There are a few tips that can help prevent administration errors in Covid-19 vaccines. It can be helpful to clearly separate different vaccines from one another by placing them in different storage areas. It can also be helpful for those administering vaccines to “engage the patient in getting it right”, according to the President of ISMP. This may involve showing the patient the vial and verbalizing which vaccine is about to be administered to ensure that there is no error.

As a patient, if you have concerns about pharmacy errors, it can be helpful to remain engaged as a patient, which may involve ensuring that the healthcare worker confirms your name and information, and ensure that you are both on the same page about which vaccine you are receiving.

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