The Centers for Disease Control Issues Guidance for Pharmacies, But What if Maryland Pharmacies Do Not Follow It?

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has drastically impacted life for Maryland residents and businesses. Pharmacies across the state and the nation have been particularly affected. Pharmacies are a vital part of the healthcare system and have needed to remain open during the pandemic. However, if pharmacies are not careful, they may be doing more harm then good, by contributing to the spread of COVID-19 and causing more and more Americans to fall ill.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been regularly updating guidance for pharmacies on their website. The guidance recommends that everyone entering the pharmacy should wear a face mask or covering, regardless of whether or not they have symptoms. This includes both customers and pharmacists. Also, pharmacists are encouraged to limit contact with customers as much as possible, by maintaining a social distance of at least 6 feet, placing the prescription on the counter for them to pick up instead of handing it directly to them, and using hand sanitizer frequently.

Importantly, the guidance also advises pharmacies to ensure that staff who are sick stay home. Pharmacists and other staff members may come to work even when they have a fever or other COVID symptoms, including body aches or a cough. While they may not want to work while sick, their employer may not have an adequate sick leave policy, and employees may fear losing their job if they request time off. Now more than ever, pharmacies need to ensure that they create policies that allow their employees to stay home when sick, and then encourage their employees to take advantage of these policies.

This last piece of guidance is incredibly important, but it is also the hardest for customers to see and know if it is being followed. When visiting a pharmacy, customers can ensure that their pharmacists are wearing face masks and ensuring proper social distance, but they may not be able to tell if the employees are sick. Too often, customers assume that pharmacies and pharmacists are safe and not a risk, but it is always possible that one sick pharmacist or employee will act carelessly and get others sick. Thus, customers are advised to abide by all of the above guidelines as well—wearing a face mask, minimizing contact with others, and staying home if they are sick. Many pharmacies offer prescription delivery or allow family members to pick up prescriptions for a sick loved one. If, however, one still falls ill due to a pharmacy’s negligence, there is always the possibility of filing a civil negligence suit against them.

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