12,000 COVID-19 Test-Kits Recalled, Even as Maryland Faces Test-Kit Shortage

Over the past two months, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the lives of individuals across the country, including Maryland residents. Experts say that in order to flatten the curve and beat the pandemic, more widespread testing is needed. Since the beginning of this crisis, test kits have been sparse, with many residents unable to get tested even if they feel ill. While there certainly is a need for more test-kits across the country, a recent story out of Washington state highlights that the need may be even greater than previously thought, as distributed test kits are being recalled for possible contamination.

According to a local news report, the Washington State Department of Health distributed 12,000 test kits to local health jurisdictions, tribal nations, and state agency partners across the state. However, the Department is now recalling these kits, after being alerted by the University of Washington Medicine that there may be possible contamination and a quality issue with them. The specific issue affects the viral transport media, which is the fluid that preserves the individual’s specimen as the test is transported. Healthcare workers noticed the issue when seeing that some vials of the transport media were an unusual color. While this issue is not at this time thought to pose a health risk to patients, the tests are still be recalled in an effort to be as safe as possible when dealing with this potentially deadly virus.

Washington state is working to replace the recalled tests as quickly as possible, but the recall comes at a terrible time, as the entire country is in dire need of tests. While it is still unclear how long this pandemic, or the related stay-at-home orders, will last, what is clear is the immense burden placed on health care workers and facilities, who are struggling to keep up with the increasing rates of infection. Unfortunately, this may mean that there is an increased risk of pharmacy errors or medical accidents occurring, which can result in catastrophic effects for Maryland patients.

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