Another Child Receives Prescription Mix-up From Same Walgreens Pharmacy

According to news from the Jersey Journal that our Baltimore, Maryland medication mistake attorneys have been following, a local Walgreens Pharmacy has made another pharmacy error, the second in six months, by erroneously filling an 18-month old child’s acetaminophen elixir medication, similar to Tylenol, with an acetaminophen product containing codeine, a powerful pain reliever.

After unknowingly giving her child a pharmacy misfill for a week, Jannette Jackson reportedly became alarmed when her daughter seemed groggy and tired and was not improving with the medication.

Jackson then discovered the pharmacy error and confronted Walgreens, who admitted the prescription mistake. Jackson claims that her pediatrician was shocked to hear of the error, and stated that luckily the codeine dosage was not lethal, and did not cause any allergic reaction or personal injury to the child.

In the previous medication error six months ago by same Walgreens Pharmacy, that our attorneys reported on in a related Baltimore prescription error blog, a two-year-old boy was prescribed a hydrocortisone prescription to treat his allergies. The pharmacy mistakenly gave the child an incorrect prescription for 10mg of oxycodone, a powerful pain medication that had been filled for another patient. The two-year-old child was reportedly given one of the Oxycodone pills, upon which the pharmacy error was discovered and the child was rushed to the hospital.

In Jackson’s case, Walgreens promised to investigate the pharmacy misfill, and to make sure the person responsible for the error will receive more training. Jackson stated that she will call her lawyer to see what can be done in the meantime, to stop prescription mistakes that put other people’s health at risk.

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