Walmart Pharmacy Misfill—Teenager’s Acne Prescription Wrongly Filled with Viagra

In recent news that our Washington D.C. Pharmacy Misfill Attorneys have been following, a young woman in Florida recently experienced a serious medication error when she filled her prescription for doxycycline, a medication for acne, and received a bottle of Viagra instead.

According the news story, after picking up her prescription acne medication at the Walmart pharmacy, she didn’t realize that was mistakenly given Viagra capsules because the capsules were reportedly very similar to the medication she took in both shape, color, and size. She proceeded to take the Viagra without realizing the mistake, and claims to have suffered with health related conditions. It wasn’t until her family discovered the other patient label on the bottom of the bottle underneath her name that clearly indicated that the medication was Viagra, and intended for another patient.

The family of the teenager confronted the pharmacy at Walmart, and claimed that the college student has suffered many physical problems as a result of the pharmacy misfill and medication mistake. She claimed that after taking Viagra, she experienced serious health complications, including a racing heartbeat, extreme bodily temperature changes, anxiety and bouts of dizziness.
According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 1.3 million people are injured every year in this country from medication errors, with at least one death reported every day. The National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention, (NCCMERP), reports that injury from medication error is an huge problem and health risk for the public, and needs to receive far more public attention. Medication mistakes can happen anytime in the pharmacy process, from prescribing, distribution, dispensing, administering or monitoring—often times resulting in personal injury.

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Walmart Pharmacy Improperly Fills Teenager’s Acne Prescription with Viagra, New Jersey, February 15, 2010

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