Walgreens Pharmacy Misfill Causes Dosing Error

In a recent pharmacy misfill news story that our Maryland pharmacy error injury lawyers have been following, a pharmacy customer has received an apology from a local Walgreens pharmacy, after receiving refills of a medication that contained a dosage that was ten times stronger than what the doctor had prescribed.

The pharmacy misfill reportedly took place repeatedly for around a year, where Larina Helsom took a 50mcg tablet twice a day instead of a 5mcg dose. The medication reportedly caused the Helsom to suffer from chest and esophageal spasms that were so painful she couldn’t talk or breathe. When they first started happening, Helsom thought that she was dying.

After months of taking the prescription misfill, Helsom reportedly went through several hospitalizations for the spasms, along with other prescribed medications to control the symptoms. Once the drug misfill was discovered, her doctor advised that Helsom stop taking the drug immediately.

The Arizona State Pharmacy Board is reportedly now investigating Walgreen’s pharmacy misfill, to decide whether negligence was a factor in the mistake. Last year, the pharmacy board reportedly received 131 complaints about pharmacies statewide. Walgreens claims that the prescription dose at issue was within the normal range of dosing for this drug.

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