Using Digital Solutions to Prevent Medication Error

Medication error has been a leading cause of harm for patients, and an expensive cost for healthcare providers. In a digital age, some healthcare providers have implemented digital solutions to medication errors, but these digital solutions can cause doctors to receive too many alerts that lack specificity and that also cause alert fatigue for doctors. However, when science and technology combine to create a unified and efficient approach for drug administration and managing clinical decisions, it can be life-altering. A Healthcare IT News article details the importance of hospitals integrating precision medicine with digital maturity models. The digital maturity models can help technology advances that support clinical decisions. This can help prevent errors and increase efficiency, which thus can save lives and costs for hospitals. Giving users access to a single information source in a unified approach can help with drug administration and minimize alerts.

What Is a Digital Maturity Model?

Some examples of digital maturity models include from Wolters Kluwer, which built Medi-Span Clinical APIs drug data solution and expert services which helps ensure that accurate information is available at key moments rather than reported after the event, and also ensures the precision of alerts. Another example is the National Chen Kung University Hospital in Taiwan, which has used Medi-Span Clinical APIs to overcome challenges faced by pharmacists, including the challenge of the amount of time it takes to update a medication database. Medi-Span’s databases are updated regularly with best practice evidence and recommendations. Clinical APIs are for healthcare professionals only, and there are certain regulations that guide their use in various locations.

The hospital’s data shows that since implementing Medi-Span, the number of alerts has been reduced by 21% and the talerts have captured severe potential Adverse Drug Events. This resulted in saving approximately $39,200 in U.S. dollars a year, and also saved an estimated 266 bed days a year. Technology advances can allow for solutions that help prevent medication errors and help ensure that patients receive the best and safest care possible. When these errors occur but can be avoided by digital maturity, it is up to hospitals to implement unified approaches to avoid such costs.

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