The Maryland Board of Pharmacy Accepts Complaint Forms When Pharmacy Errors Occur

Maryland law does not require pharmacies to report medication errors. The Maryland Board of Pharmacy, the body that licenses pharmacists in the state, relies upon inspections and consumer complaints to assist in keeping drug stores and pharmacies operating safely.

The Maryland Board of Pharmacy provides a pharmacy error complaint form on its website. Once the Board receives a consumer complaint, a Disciplinary Committee initiates an investigation. If the Maryland Board of Pharmacy concludes that a pharmacy error has occurred, it may take several types of actions, including:

1. Letter of Education (informal, non-public discipline): This is a letter aimed at improving the pharmacist’s adherence to safety procedures in the pharmacy.
2. Letter of Admonishment (informal, non-public discipline): This letter is normally issued following the Board’s determination that a minor violation has occurred.

3. Formal Disciplinary Action: Formal discipline can result in fines, or more severe discipline, including suspension or revocation of a pharmacist’s license.

If you are the victim of a pharmacy misfill, or any other type of pharmacy error, please consider filing a complaint. Your involvement will assist in the process of making Maryland pharmacies safer.

If you have suffered injuries, harms or losses due to a pharmacy error, please feel free to contact one of the Maryland pharmacy error attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights.

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