Study Reviews Risk Levels Associated with Pharmacy Drug Dispensing

As Washington D.C. pharmacy error injury lawyers, we have been following recent study results released by the company Centice, that discuss the risk levels associated with drug dispensing processes, and the occurrence of pharmacy errors or misfills.

Centice is a company focused on the chemical verification of dispensed prescription drugs, and has recently published findings from that investigate levels of risk in the dispensing process for prescription drugs from Pharmacy Quality Assurance and Rx Verification Study.

According to the study’s research, after a single pharmacy error in the dispensing process, pharmacists can spend up to fifty hours correcting the dispensing error, or Quality Related Event (QRE).

Centice claimed that when looking at the total prescriptions filled, pharmacy error rates are very small, but when factored into dispensing many prescriptions over a period of time, given average pharmacy filling volumes, any prescription error that leaves the pharmacy can impact customer retention and the financial stability of the pharmacy, and could also lead to potential patient injury or even wrongful death.

The study found that with regular pharmacies, that dispense around 1,000 prescriptions a week, reducing dispensing errors could save the pharmacy as much as $23,000 per year. The study also revealed that the most common dispensing errors occur with prescription strength, more than drug dosage or wrong drug mistakes.

Centice manufactures the PASS Rx system, used to improve the process of verification for dispensed medications, and this study was reportedly done to understand the risks that the average pharmacy faces on a daily basis, to help prevent pharmacy misfills and medication errors, and to protect the health and safety of the consumer.

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