Reading Prescription Labels May Help Protect Patients from Maryland Pharmacy Errors

Maryland pharmacy errors occur when a patient is given a prescription drug that is flawed in some way. It may be the incorrect drug, or the incorrect dosage, or it may be that the instructions are incorrect, causing the patient to take the drug too often, not often enough, or at the incorrect times. Because prescription drugs are often powerful and dangerous if taken incorrectly, pharmacy errors can cause severe illness or injuries, especially if they are not caught for a significant period of time.

How Can Patients Protect Themselves from Medication Errors?

Patients can protect themselves from Maryland pharmacy errors by carefully reading the drug labels and prescription information every time they pick up a prescription. These labels not only provide important information on safe and proper medication use; they also can help the patient check for errors. For example, the information provided with the prescription often indicates what the medication looks like, by describing it as “small white pills” or “red oblong capsules.” Patients should compare this information to the actual medication they receive, to ensure there has not been a drug mix-up.

Additionally, the information included with the prescription explains how to use the drug and drug interactions. This information should be compared with instructions given by your doctor or pharmacist. If there’s a conflict, it’s safest to call your doctor or pharmacist to clarify. The information on drug reactions can also help patients avoid a common pharmacy error—doctors prescribing a medication that has an adverse interaction with another medication the patient is already taking. If you are already taking any form of medication, even if it’s over the counter, it is best practice to read the information on drug interactions provided with your prescription drug to make sure there are no problems.

Lastly, patients are always advised to familiarize themselves with a medication’s side effects. Sometimes, the patient will experience unpleasant side effects and think that something is seriously wrong, when really it is just a normal consequence of taking a certain medication. Other times, and more concerning, is when a patient experiences unpleasant effects after taking a medication and assumes that their experience is normal and expected, when, in fact, it is indicating a serious problem. Reading about the side effects can help patients know what to expect when taking the drug, when their symptoms and experiences are normal, and when the symptoms and experiences are concerning, and they should contact their doctor.

Have You Been Injured Due to a Maryland Pharmacy Error?

If you’ve recently been injured or fallen ill due to a confirmed or suspected Maryland pharmacy error, state law allows you to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover for related expenses and your pain and suffering. Contact the attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen, LLC, if you’re interested in learning more about the process and how you might recover financially. Our personal injury lawyers handle many pharmacy error cases and are experienced in this area of law. To learn more and speak risk-free with an attorney, call us today at 800-654-1949.

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