Pharmacy Staff Burnout is Dangerous to Patient Health

Economic factors have combined with the Covid-19 pandemic to make employment shortages in Maryland and Virginia a reality in many industries today. The medical industry is likely the most affected industry by these staffing issues, as the pandemic-related risks and responsibilities have made jobs in the medical field less desirable. Pharmacists and other pharmacy employees have been suffering from increased symptoms of burnout, as the stress and responsibility of a job in a pharmacy can be too much to handle in these times.

A recently-published article in a national pharmacy trade journal discusses the effects that staff burnout and understaffing have had on the industry, as well as the risks to patient health that will be assumed if nothing is done to address the shortages soon. According to the article, pharmacies were facing staffing issues even before the pandemic hit, and the effects of the pandemic and the broader economy have exacerbated the problems, with dangerous results. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, pharmacies have been a primary site for testing people for the virus. The surge in demand for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians was never quite met, and pharmacists have had a difficult time staffing their locations adequately.

With pharmacies understaffed, and remaining staff facing increased stress, hours, and workload; it is the patients who ultimately suffer. Overworked pharmaceutical assistants and technicians have been unable to spend enough time with the pharmacy customers to address their concerns with medication and screen for possible mistakes. As time moves forward and the staffing shortages continue, it is becoming even more difficult to retain employees, as many are leaving the industry entirely to seek out better opportunities.

Are Pharmacies Responsible for Errors Resulting from Under-Staffing?

Although pharmacy operators are not solely to blame for the undesirable patent outcomes that staff shortages and burnout have caused, patients remain entitled to receive pharmaceutical care that is safe and effective. If a pharmacy is unable to maintain adequate staffing, and a patient is hurt as a result of a medication mix-up or other pharmacy error, the pharmacy may be responsible for significant damages as a result of the incident. It is essential that patients act quickly; however, because the statute of limitations prevents claims from being filed if you wait too long.

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