Pharmacy Errors Resulting from Incorrectly Read Prescriptions

While pharmacy errors have a number of causes, one of the more common causes of Maryland prescription drug errors is when a pharmacist incorrectly reads the prescription form filled out by a patient’s physician. In the past, these errors have often been attributed to the poor penmanship of physicians. However, over recent years, the number of these errors has remained high despite new electronically completed prescription forms.

To be sure, pharmacists do not have an easy job, and a lot of responsibility rests on their shoulders. In many pharmacies, management keeps staffing levels low in order to save on labor costs. However, this decrease in pharmacy staff often comes at a cost – which is all too often paid by the patient.

As pharmacists take on more and more work per shift, their accuracy necessarily decreases because they are spending less time per patient. Indeed, there have been recent reports of pharmacists failing to submit their work to be double-checked and overriding electronic safety protocols.

When a pharmacist makes a mistake and provides the wrong medication to a patient, there is a significant chance that the patient will experience some adverse symptoms, either from not taking their prescribed medication or from taking the unprescribed medication. In these cases, patients who have been provided the wrong medication may pursue compensation for their injuries through a Maryland pharmacy error lawsuit.

Elderly Patient Provided Incorrect Medication by Pharmacy

In an industry news report published earlier this month, the case of a 71-year-old woman who was incorrectly given Navane was discussed. Apparently, the patient had been recently admitted to the hospital for uncontrolled hypertension. Hospital staff treated the woman, and her condition improved. She was then discharged from the hospital with several prescriptions, one of which was for Norvasc.

The woman took her medications as prescribed, but she began to experience increasing fatigue, slow movements, and the return of her uncontrolled hypertension. She was re-admitted to the hospital, where she was eventually diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Later, it was discovered that she had been taking Navane, an antipsychotic, instead of Norvasc for the past several months. Once she stopped taking the Navane, her symptoms improved. The article notes that the prescription was completely legible.

Have You Been a Victim of a Maryland Pharmacy Error?

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