Pharmacy Errors in Child Patients

A pharmacist’s mistake in providing the wrong medication to a patient is always a serious concern, but never is it more serious than when the patient is a child. Children are much more susceptible to suffering serious or fatal side effects when given medication that was not prescribed to them. In fact, the manufacturers of many medications specifically state that the drug is not intended for the use of minors. It is therefore extremely important that pharmacists and parents do everything they can to ensure that a child is not given the wrong medication.

However, pharmacists are human, and busy ones at that. They often fill hundreds, if not thousands, of prescriptions each day. This constant flow of work can create an increased chance that something will break down in the system, and a child will be provided the wrong medication. However, the concern is not only that a child will be given the wrong medication altogether. Children are also at risk for serious injury or death if the dose they are provided is not correct.

When a pharmacist does make a mistake, and a child is harmed as a result, that pharmacist and the pharmacy employing him may be held financially liable in a negligence lawsuit. Despite what the media and the pharmacy industry may say, the ultimate burden is not on the parents or those who administer the medication to the child. The burden remains on the pharmacist.

Ten-Year-Old Child Provided Wrong Medication at Local Pharmacy

Earlier this month in North Carolina, a 10-year-old boy’s mother was given the wrong medication when she went to pick up a routine prescription for her son. According to one local news report, the young boy is autistic and is prescribed certain medication for his condition. His mother went to her local pharmacy to fill the prescription, and she was provided medication that was intended for use in Parkinson’s patients.

The boy’s grandmother administered the medication to the boy, who exhibited strange symptoms and was immediately taken to the emergency room by his mother. For now, it seems as though the effects of the prescription error are behind the young boy, but there is no telling if there will be any long-term, continuing effects of the mistake.

The pharmacy acknowledged the error and explained that it was due to a computer glitch. A representative told reporters that all medications are checked several times, and this one just slipped through the cracks.

Has Your Child Been the Victim of a Pharmacist’s Mistake?

If you or your child has recently been injured after being provided the wrong medication by a local pharmacy, you may be entitled to monetary compensation to help you cover the costs associated with the mistake. Depending on the severity of the injuries, you may be entitled to all medical costs related to the incident, as well as for pain and suffering and lost wages. Call 410-654-3600 today to set up a free consultation with a dedicated pharmacy error attorney to discuss your case.

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