Pharmacies May Be Held Liable in Future Maryland Pharmacy Injury Suits

During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of quality medical personnel and staff was amplified more than ever.

Pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and hospitals, however, were incredibly busy places even before the pandemic, where medical professionals are often overworked and frequently understaffed. Because overwhelming demand and limited supply can create longer hours and higher pressure working environments for our medical professionals, mistakes often happen. Most commonly, mistakes take place when administering or prescribing medication to patients, which can have deadly consequences.

According to a recent news report, a federal jury found three of the country’s largest pharmacy chains liable for contributing to the opioid crisis in two counties. The verdict was the first time that the retail arm of the drug industry has ever been held accountable in what is now a decades-long opioid epidemic. In this case, the plaintiffs argued that major retailers CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart had turned a blind eye to suspicious opioid orders for years. At both local pharmacies and corporate headquarters, the plaintiffs argued, oversight requirements in all three major retailers failed to take red flags into account, which led to the pharmaceutical companies contributing to the creation and sustained nature of the opioid public health crisis.

As similar opioid-related cases continue across the country, related medication errors involving lack of oversight or negligent activity also continue all over the United States. In fact, dosage mistakes involving too much or too little medication prescribed, administrative errors where patients are prescribed the wrong medication, and harmful medicine combination mistakes continue to be the most common types of medication errors that can cause serious injury or even death to patients.

Maryland residents are unfortunately no stranger to these medication errors and personal injury issues involving pharmacy mistakes. Some of the most common errors that take place in emergency rooms, hospitals, and pharmacies include pharmacists misreading a prescription and giving a patient the wrong medication, mixing up the medications of different patients, patients receiving incorrect dosages or medications, or patients receiving medications that result in allergic reactions or side effects that result in injury or even death.

What Injuries Can Pharmacy Errors Cause?

Common injuries involving medication or pharmacy errors involve heart attacks, internal bleeding, organ damage, strokes, or nerve damage. If patients experience these injuries or see a worsening in their original medical condition because of these errors, they may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation.

For patients considering filing a personal injury lawsuit centered on pharmaceutical errors, compensation is available for medical bills, rehabilitation costs, therapy, hospital fees, and the cost of medical equipment, among other incurred expenses. Pharmaceutical or medication errors that result in the patient being unable to work may also be grounds for potential plaintiffs to recover compensation for loss of present and future income, depending on the severity of the injury.

Do You Need a Maryland Pharmacy Error Lawyer?

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