Patient Safety Alert: Medication Mistakes with Injected Medicines Are Frequent

According to researchers, the results of a recent international study demonstrate that patients receiving injected medicines are at a higher risk of medication mistakes. Researchers determined that oral or written miscommunication were the root cause of 24% of all errors, and that health care workers confused drug names in 18% of the cases.

Researchers in the study observed patients in Intensive Care Units in 27 countries, including two in the United States, and found that 20% of patients experienced at least one error and 14% experienced more than one injected medication mistake. Fifteen errors caused either permanent injury or death of the patient involved.

Overall, researchers concluded that patients with more serious illness were at a higher risk for injuries caused by these mistakes. Maryland medication mistake attorneys believe that the results of this research demonstrate the importance of patients having a family member act as their advocate during an extended hospital stay. In addition to questioning doctors, the advocate should pay particular attention to the medications prescribed to the patient and attempt to make sure that health care workers administer the medications at the proper times and in proper dosages.

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