Nationwide, Medication Errors Put Millions in Danger

According to the National Coordinating Counsel for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention (NCC MERP), medication errors kill more Americans annually, than work place accidents. Maryland lawyers who pursue prescription error cases recognize the financial and human impact that errantly filled prescriptions have on the citizens of this state. Pharmacy negligence is one of the most pressing health concerns across the nation due to the sheer number of people affected by errantly filled prescriptions.

Some common types of medication errors include:
• Incomplete patient information (i.e. not knowing about patient’s allergies, other medicines they are taking, previous diagnoses, and lab results);
• Unavailable drug information (i.e. lack of up to date warnings);
• Miscommunication (i.e. poor handwriting, confusion between drugs with similar names, misuse of zeroes and decimal points);
• Lack of appropriate labeling as a drug is prepared and repackaged; and

• Distracted pharmacists ( pharmacists are at times negligent distracted by heat, noise, and other interruptions)

An informed consumer is a protected consumer, and to that end Maryland pharmacy error attorneys suggest the following resources:
• The Institute for Safe Medication Practices List of Confused Drug Names
• Resources from California Academy of Family Physicians
Online Drug Information

List of High-Alert Drugs that carry a heightened risk of causing harm when prescribed negligently.

The attorneys at Lebowitz and Mzhen recognize the substantial human and financial impact Marylanders injured by such negligence suffer. With experience pursuing cases against negligent pharmacists, the firm would be pleased to help you.

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