Name Mix-Ups Are One of the Most Common Types of Pharmacy Errors

Pharmacists are human, and like all other humans they are susceptible to making mistakes. The range of pharmacy errors is vast, from incorrect medications to improper dosing instructions, but the effects are always the same. The patient is put in grave danger of either not receiving their prescribed medication or ingesting a potentially harmful, unprescribed substance. In any event, despite the fact that most pharmacy errors are committed by well-intentioned pharmacists, when a patient suffers serious harm as a result of an error, a personal injury lawsuit may be an appropriate way for the patient to receive compensation for all they have been put through.

Just as there are many types of pharmacy errors, there are also many causes. One of the most common causes of in- and out-patient pharmacy errors is a pharmacist mixing up similarly named medications. In fact, a recent article in one industry news source discusses how two similarly named drugs, Venofer and Vfend, were recently the subject of a potentially serious pharmacy error.

Evidently, the pharmacist who made the error had filled a prescription for Venofer 200 mg earlier in the day. Once complete, the pharmacist placed the prescription in the “complete” basket and moved on to other projects. Later that day, the pharmacist came across another prescription, this time for Vfend. Having just filled a prescription for Venofer, the pharmacist misread the label and grabbed Venofer instead of Vfend. Both drugs were in a 200-mg dose, adding to the confusion.

The news report discussed how it is difficult for pharmacists and pharmacist technicians to keep all the medication names straight, especially when they are similarly named. For example, in this case, the two drugs at issue share the letters V, F, E, and N. Such similar names can cause a rushed pharmacist to think they are grabbing the correct medication when in fact they are not.

As a result of the error, the patient who was prescribed Vfend was not provided his necessary medication, and but for the efforts of an astute nurse, he may have suffered serious complications. However, even the nurse did not catch the error by noticing that the name of the drug was wrong. He was actually familiar with what the medication was supposed to look like and discovered the error that way.

Have You Suffered Due to a Pharmacist’s Negligence?

If you or a loved one has recently suffered due to a pharmacy error, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Even if you believe that everything is fine, many errors do not manifest harmful symptoms until months or even years later. It is very important that you seek out and discuss your situation with a dedicated attorney who can ensure that you are properly examined and can preserve any right to compensation that you may have. Call 410-654-3600 today to set up a free consultation with an experienced pharmacy error attorney.

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