Michigan Woman Narrowly Avoids Serious Injury After Pharmacy Error

Earlier this month in Portage, Michigan, one local woman caught on to an error by her pharmacist that may have saved her life. According to a report by a local news source, the woman was provided a prescription by a local Wal-Mart pharmacy that belonged to another patient not once, but twice.

Evidently, the woman takes an unknown medication daily and has her prescriptions filled at the local Wal-Mart pharmacy. However, last month she noticed that her daily pill looked a little larger than normal. She checked the label and saw that there was another patient’s name on it.

The woman did not disclose what medication she was supposed to be taking, but it is known that the prescription she was given was for a 78-year-old woman’s heart condition. There is no indication that the 78-year-old woman was provided any medication other than what she was prescribed. It’s possible she had not yet picked up her prescription.

Frighteningly, a similar thing had happened in the past, the woman says. Apparently, a few months before this incident, the woman was provided the incorrect medication, this time with her name on the bottle. The woman told reporters that she is “done” with the pharmacy and will take her business elsewhere.

Pharmacy Errors Are a Common Occurrence

Pharmacists enjoy a good reputation among the community, and for the most part they deserve it. However, some pharmacists in busy areas are incredibly overworked. This can lead to scenarios, like the one above, where a serious medication error can occur.

Experts recommend that all patients take a few steps to ensure that they remain free from the potentially harmful effects of a pharmacy error:

  • Always double check the bottle, making sure that your name and correct medication are listed;
  • Double check that your address and birthday are correct on the label;
  • Visually check the medicine to make sure that you recognize it; and
  • When in doubt, ask the pharmacist if this is the correct medication.

Although it isn’t the patient’s duty to ask these questions, these are just a few steps that can greatly reduce the chance of taking a dangerous and unprescribed medication. In any event, the pharmacy may be held liable for its mistake if an improper medication is taken by a patient.

Have You Been Provided the Wrong Medication?

If you have recently suffered injury from a pharmacy error, you may be entitled to monetary damages to help compensate you for your injuries. Pharmacists are under a duty to provide accurate prescriptions, and when they fail to do so they can be held liable for the resulting harm. To learn more about the laws that allow for the victims of a pharmacy error to recover for their injuries, contact a dedicated pharmacy error attorney today at 410-654-3600 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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