Maryland Passes Law to Regulate Pharmacy Technicians

In the past, when you filled a prescription at a Maryland pharmacy, you may have wondered about the training received by the technicians behind the counter. In some cases, technicians have attended nationally accredited pharmacy technician training programs. Other time, however, the pharmacy technician training is limited to training received on the job.

Under a new state law, all Maryland pharmacy technicians must attend and successfully complete training approved by the Maryland Board of Pharmacy.

By February 28, 2009, any person working in a pharmacy, except for clerical workers, must receive certification from the Board of Pharmacy. In order to receive the certification, the applicant must already be a registered pharmacy technician or be enrolled in an accredited training program approved by the Maryland Board of Pharmacy. After an applicant completes a Board approved training class, the technician must then pass an examination within six months to continue working at the Maryland pharmacy.

This new law is clearly a step in the right direction to reduce the number of unqualified employees from holding the important job of working with powerful medicines that can do harm and injure when carelessly or negligently dispensed. The law also is an indication that the Maryland legislature, and Governor O’Malley appreciate the dangers posed by the busy modern pharmacy.

Maryland prescription error attorneys will follow whether this new law will result in fewer misfilled prescriptions. We will report back.

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