Maryland Medication Error Prevention Checklist

Sometime ago, we posted an article on our Maryland truck accident blog that highlighted some of the steps accident victims should take if they are victims of a Maryland truck accident. Our Maryland pharmacy error attorneys have prepared a similar list to help our readers reduce their risk of injury caused by medication errors. We suggest that our readers do the following:
1. When you are given a prescription at the pharmacy, check the label very carefully especially checking the name of the medication and dosage;
2. if the prescription is a refill, examine the pills to ensure that they look like the pills from the prior prescription;
3. List all of your over the counter and prescription medicines and take this list to your health care provider and ask him or her to review it for dangerous interactions;
4. Know the name (generic or brand name) of your medicines and the directions for their proper use;
5. Know that you have a right to counseling provided by your pharmacist if you have questions. During these counseling sessions, you can have your pharmacist explain how to take the medications and warn you about potential side effects;
6. Request written dosage directions from your doctor or pharmacist, and make sure you understand them before you leave the office or pharmacy;
7. Ask about your drugs’ potential side effects and what to do if you experience one or more of those symptoms;
8. When in a hospital, ask what drugs the nurses and doctors administer to you;

9. Take advantage of your right to have a family member present to ask questions of your doctor or pharmacist.

Our attorneys believe these steps will help our readers and their loved ones reduce their risk of medication error injuries.

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