Maryland Medication Mix-Ups Involving Children

One of the best ways to prevent Maryland pharmacy errors is to double-check all medications are accurate before taking them. Of course, children cannot check their own prescriptions, and rely on their parents to do so. However, most parents reasonably assume that the medicine given to them by a pharmacist is correct. A recent news report illustrates that it is not always the case.

According to a report by the New York Times, at least 17 children in Spain suffered a rare disorder called “werewolf syndrome,” also known as hypertrichosis, in which they grow hair all across their body. Evidently, the children were all prescribed medication to treat heartburn. However, the medicine was mislabeled, and the children’s parents were given a drug to treat hair loss. In all, 17 children were affected by the medication mix-up. Medical experts told reporters that the hair should start to fall out within three months of when the children stop taking the medication.

Apparently, several pharmacies were sent minoxidil, the main ingredient in many prescription and over-the-counter hair-growth treatments, instead of omeprazole, which treats acid reflux. The medication originated from India; however, it is unclear where and how the error occurred. Spanish authorities are currently investigating the error, and trying to learn more about how it happened so future mistakes can be prevented.

While this error was undoubtedly serious, it was fortunately caught early on. Not all pharmacy errors result in immediately recognizable symptoms. As the mother of one of the affected children aptly noted, “thank God that the symptom was as noticeable as excess hair… If it had been a latent thing that was gradually affecting internal organs, she would have certainly continued to take” the medicine.

Many pharmacy errors do not result in visible or immediate symptoms, making it difficult to fully understand their impact on a victim’s future health. For this reason, many Maryland pharmacy error lawsuits require the testimony of an expert witness to help explain the impact of the error to the jury. Of course, once a plaintiff selects an expert, the defense will find one of their own, resulting in a “battle of the experts,” Thus, it is critical that the selected expert is knowledgeable and respected in their field, and that their area of specialization is closely tied to the type of error involved in the case.

Has Your Child Suffered as a Result of a Pharmacist’s Mistake?

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