Maryland Medication Errors at Compounding Pharmacies

When most patients need prescription medication, their doctor can write a prescription that can be filled by the patient at any pharmacy. However, for patients with allergies or sensitivities, or for those who cannot take a standardized drug, compounding pharmacies create specific medications catered to a patient’s individual needs. While compounding pharmacies help a lot of patients, patients of these pharmacies are at an increased risk of falling victim to a Maryland pharmacy error.

Given the niche patient-base they serve, compounding pharmacies are necessary. However, there are some serious safety concerns with these pharmacies. For instance, the medications that compounding pharmacies create are not subject to FDA testing or approval. This lack of oversight increases the chance of a serious pharmacy error.

Recently, a woman ended up with a large hole in her arm as a result of an error made by a compounding pharmacy. According to a local news report, the woman developed a seizure disorder in 2014. Due to other medical issues, she could not take a standard medication, and so her doctor prescribed a B-12 shot that was to be filled by a local compounding pharmacy. For years, the woman took the medicine as specified with no issues.

In June, the woman took the medication as directed, and immediately noticed an unusual burning sensation. Within a few hours, she was experiencing headaches, dizziness, and became disoriented. The pain worsened, and the woman eventually went to a dermatologist, who explained that the woman was experiencing a chemical burn. As it turns out, the PH of the B-12 shot was 13.2, which is similar to the PH of bleach.

The woman was advised to go to the emergency room, where surgeons removed the damaged skin in a series of surgeries. However, because the woman was also suffering from stage 3 breast cancer, the surgeon was unable to administer anesthesia. Thus, she had to undergo the procedure while awake. As a result of the error, the woman developed a large hole in her arm. Since then, the woman has filed a complaint against the compounding pharmacy with the governing state regulatory agency. She also filed a personal injury lawsuit.

As it turns out, the compounding pharmacy that filled the prescription made another serious error when it created a medication for a patient that was 54,000% stronger than it should have been.

Have You Been the Victim of a Maryland Pharmacy Error?

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