Is There a Risk to Getting the Flu Shot in Maryland?

With flu season approaching, many individuals across Maryland are headed to get their flu shots to try and protect themselves, their families, and their communities. Indeed, getting a flu shot is typically one of the safest and healthiest things you can do. Unfortunately, however, getting any shot, including the flu shot, always comes with some risks. Sometimes medical professionals may make a mistake, or pharmacy mishaps can happen, leading to individuals getting injected with the wrong medicine.

For instance, ten individuals were hospitalized earlier this month when they were given the wrong shot. According to a local news report covering the incident, a group home for developmentally disabled individuals brought in health professionals to give flu shots to residents and staff, to protect the home from the flu as much as possible. However, the vial containing the flu vaccine actually contained insulin, and the insulin was mistakenly injected into patients. As a result of the mix-up, ten people had to be transported to the hospital.

This tragic story highlights that, unfortunately, even well-trained medical professionals can make, or be a part of, a pharmacy mistake. According to the police, the person giving the shots at the group home had been practicing pharmacy for 40 years. Authorities are still not sure how the mix-up happened, but as of right now believe it to be a terrible mistake.

Although nothing can undo the damage caused by a pharmacy error, Maryland law allows the injured parties or their families to bring a negligence lawsuit against responsible parties. In the case mentioned above, those who were mistakenly injected with insulin may have cases against both the pharmacist and the nursing home. Depending on their injuries, the victims may be entitled to monetary compensation to cover past and future medical care, in addition to pain and suffering that they endured. Of course, the process of filing and pursuing a negligence claim may be difficult, as Maryland personal injury law is quite complex. In order to maximize the chances for success, potential Maryland plaintiffs are advised to contact a personal injury attorney. Working with an attorney allows the victim and their family to hand the case over to a professional so they can worry less and focus on healing.

Do You Need a Maryland Personal Injury Attorney?

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