How Will Automation in Maryland Pharmacies Affect Medication Errors?

Each year, between 7,000 and 9,000 people die in the United States because of a medication error. Many more experience adverse reactions that are not reported. Maryland medication error victims often suffer from physical pain as well as psychological pain because of the error. The problem of medication errors, which are often due to human error, has pushed many pharmacies to begin implemented pharmacy automation. Pharmacy automation is a process that includes the handling and distribution of medications in pharmacies and hospitals.

Automation can include counting medicines as well as maintaining and updating patient information. The global pharmacy automation market is expected to continue to grow. The reasons for which growth is expected include a shift towards digitization and a rise in investment in healthcare development in certain countries, leading to an increase in opportunities for growth. Some see automation as a way to avoid medication errors, although it may also bring about risks and new opportunities for errors to be made.

If someone is injured due to a medication error, they may be able to file a negligence claim against the pharmacist, doctor, or other provider, in order to hold them responsible for the error and seek financial compensation. In a Maryland medication error negligence case, a victim generally has to show that the defendant owed the victim a duty, the defendant failed to meet the standard of care required, the victim was injured because of the defendant’s negligent conduct, and the defendant’s conduct caused the victim injuries. A medication error victim has to prove it was more probable than not that the injury the victim suffered was caused by the healthcare professional’s negligent conduct. In the tragic event of a death caused by a medication error, certain members of the decedent’s family may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim against the responsible parties.

When Should I Talk to a Lawyer if I Experienced a Pharmacy Error?

Victims of medication errors should not wait to seek legal counsel because there are limits to the time in which a claim can be filed. The time period during which a claim can be filed varies depending on the case, but generally, a personal injury case in Maryland must be filed within three years of the injury. It can also take time to gather the necessary information and file a claim. Failing to file within the applicable statute of limitations generally means that the case will be dismissed and cannot be refiled.

Medication Error Lawyers in Maryland

In the event of a medication error committed by a pharmacist, doctor, or other healthcare professional, the patient may be suffering from the physical, mental, and financial effects of the error. The team of professionals at Lebowitz & Mzhen, Personal Injury Lawyers, assist injured victims in recovering from their injuries by guiding them through the legal process. The Maryland prescription error attorneys Lebowitz & Mzhen represent clients in pharmacy error cases and other medical malpractice cases in the Baltimore region and the surrounding areas. To set up a free consultation, call 1-800-654-1949 or contact them online. Calling is free, and you will not be billed unless you recover for your injuries.

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