How Pharmacy Technicians Can Help Prevent Maryland Pharmacy Errors

Recently, the Pharmacy Times published an article detailing how pharmacy technicians can play a critical role in preventing pharmacy errors. Maryland pharmacy errors can cause serious injuries or illness, leaving those affected with potentially lifelong medical issues. According to the article, the role of pharmacists continues to expand to include more and more duties, meaning that pharmacy technicians are needed more than ever to fill in the gaps. Every year, there are approximately 7 million preventable medication errors. One of the most common errors is incorrect dosing—the Pharmacy Times writes that they make up about 37% of errors each year.

So how can pharmacy technicians help? The technicians are often the first line of defense and best suited to catch errors and prevent them from happening. They are often the ones who type up the prescription, and the ones who take prescriptions from the patient at the counter. They are uniquely situated to prevent pharmacy errors before they happen by double-checking medications.

One experienced pharmacy technician says that all technicians should use a set of “patient rights” while checking medications. Her five steps are designed to help pharmacy technicians systematically check for errors. First, a technician should ensure they have the right patient and ask them to identify themselves. Second, the technician should ensure they have the right medication. Third, the technician should make sure they have the right dose and instructions for how to take the medication. And finally, the technician should confirm the time of the last dose and frequency.

These five steps, if followed, will hopefully prevent many Maryland pharmacy errors and the injuries they can cause. However, there is, unfortunately, always a chance that a pharmacy technician will not follow the steps, or will get distracted and make an error. Even one moment’s slip can lead to devastating consequences, such as a patient not getting a medication they desperately need, or a patient taking an incorrect dose. These errors can drastically change a patient’s life.

Maryland law allows the victims of pharmacy errors to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover for medical costs, lost wages, and the pain and suffering endured in the aftermath. While these claims can not undo the damage, they are a very important first step towards recovery and ensuring that someone else’s careless mistake does not cause a patient or their family to suffer financial hardship.

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