Four-Year-Old Boy Consumes Dangerous Dose of Antipsychotic Drugs for Several Months Due to Pharmacy Error

Many pharmacy errors result in the wrong dose of the prescribed medication being given to a patient by mistake, or the dosage instructions being printed incorrectly on the bottle. Thus, even when taking their medicines as directed, some patients are receiving significantly more (or less) medication than their doctor prescribed. A recently published article from a local news source discusses a case in which a pharmacy accidentally dispensed 10 times the prescribed amount of an antipsychotic medication to a young boy, who took the drug for several months before the error was noticed.

Boy Receives Prescription for 0.3 mg of Risperidone to Treat Behavioral Issues

According to the report, the boy and his mother visited a psychiatrist for treatment of psychological and behavioral problems. The doctor prescribed the antipsychotic medication Risperidone to the boy with instructions to consume 0.3 mg of the drug per dose. For several months, the pharmacy failed to see the decimal point and dispensed medication with instructions for the boy to consume three mg for each dose.

For months, the boy was taking intoxicating and dangerous levels of the drug. His mother visited several doctors, trying to determine what was wrong. Eventually, doctors noticed that the boy was receiving 10 times the amount he was prescribed, and the mother visited the pharmacy for answers.

The Pharmacy Admits Committing an Unfortunate Error

The pharmacy admitted they made a mistake in dispensing the larger dose to the young boy and accepted responsibility for the mistake. The boy’s mother is concerned that he has suffered kidney damage or mental impairment because of the error, but the article reports that he appears healthy since his dose was adjusted, and he started to consume the prescribed dose of the medication. The article does not mention any pending legal action between the parties.

Maryland Pharmacy Errors Cause Significant Harm

In Maryland and across the United States, pharmacists and technicians make mistakes that result in an incorrect dosage of a medication being prescribed. In some cases, the errors can result in serious injuries or death, while in others, the errors may be relatively harmless or temporary. Patients who are given the incorrect dose of any medicine due to a pharmacy error may be entitled to compensation by consulting an attorney and pursuing a Maryland pharmacy error claim.

Contacting a Maryland Pharmacy Error Attorney

If you or a loved one has been given the wrong amount of a medication because of a pharmacy error and suspect that you’ve suffered harm as a result, you may have a pharmacy error claim and be entitled to financial damages as a result of the pharmacy’s mistake. The Maryland and Washington, D.C. pharmacy error and medical malpractice attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen are experienced in pursuing pharmacy error claims and seeking the compensation that victims deserve. A pharmacy has a responsibility to provide patients with the correct dose of a medication and should not dispense dangerous levels of medication to a patient without confirming the amount with the prescribing doctor first. By retaining a Maryland medical malpractice attorney, you can be confident that your case is being handled professionally. To discuss your case, call us toll-free at 410-654-3600 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation today.

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