Fatal Pharmacy Errors and the Parties Responsible for Preventing Them

Pharmacy errors are an unfortunately common phenomenon across the United States. Most often, these errors stem from a single problem:  a lack of oversight. Often, serious pharmacy errors occur due to a busy pharmacist or pharmacist technician filling an order in haste, rather than taking the proper amount of time and double-checking their work. Ultimately, the responsibility for these errors falls not only on the pharmacist technician making the mistake but also on management in charge of supervising that pharmacist’s work.

In fact, the responsibility for a serious or fatal pharmacy error may lie with several parties. Depending on the specific facts involved in each case, liability may lie with the pharmacist, the management of the pharmacy, and potentially even with other supervising organizations. A recent article discussing a situation in Canada gives an example not often seen here in the United States, but one that could possibly arise.

First Nation Leaders Concerned over Dozens of Deaths Tied to Pharmacy Errors

Over two dozen First Nation citizens in Canada have died at least in part due to pharmacy errors that have occurred over the past 10 months. According to a local news source covering the deaths, all First Nation people in Canada have a specific company that oversees all their prescription drug needs. This company has a contract with the Canadian government.

At some point over the past 10 months, the company that was in charge of filling the prescriptions of First Nation people transferred ownership of the task to another company. It is believed that the prior company failed to ensure that a safe transfer was made, and many people’s prescription needs were overlooked. Due to the difficulty in reporting and lack of records, it has not yet been verified what the specific errors were, and which parties may be at fault. However, it is clear that both of the companies that were in charge of filling these prescriptions were likely each partially at fault for the errors. A lawsuit is pending.

Naming Multiple Parties in Maryland Pharmacy Error Lawsuits

When someone is injured due to a Maryland pharmacy error, they may seek financial compensation for their injuries. It is generally advisable for plaintiffs to name all potentially liable parties at the outset of the litigation. While it may be possible to add additional defendants later in the process, it is not guaranteed that the court will allow the addition. For more help answering any questions you may have, contact a dedicated Maryland pharmacy error attorney.

Have You Been the Victim of a Pharmacist’s Negligence?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured due to a pharmacist’s mistake, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Keep in mind, however, that all named defendants will likely contest the charges against them with dedicated attorneys of their own. It is therefore wise that you do the same. Call the dedicated Maryland personal injury attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers at 410-654-3600 to set up a free consultation. We’ve been representing clients in all kinds of personal injury cases for decades and know what it takes to vigorously advocate for our clients.

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