Dosing Mistakes: A Common Type of Pharmacy Error That Is Difficult to Catch

When most people hear that a pharmacy error has been made, they picture a busy pharmacist who provided one patient with another’s medication after transposing a few letters in a patient’s last name. And with thousands of medications in the average pharmacy, there certainly are a significant number of Maryland pharmacy errors involving a pharmacist providing a patient with the wrong medication altogether. However, this is only one type of pharmacy error.Many pharmacy errors involve a patient receiving the correct medication, but the wrong dosage. This can either occur when a pharmacist provides the patient with the wrong strength of medication or when the instructions provided to the patient are incorrect. In either event, a patient can suffer serious injuries by taking too much (or too little) of a prescribed medication. Children are especially susceptible to this type of error, since medication tends to affect them more, given their size and weight.

Parents are encouraged to double-check their children’s prescriptions for any errors at the pharmacy. In addition, parents should consult with pharmacy staff, letting them know that the medication is for a child.

Pharmacy Gives Young Boy Incorrect Instructions for Ear Infection Medication

Recently, the mother of a young boy discussed her experience after her son was provided with the wrong medication instructions by a retail pharmacy. According to a local news report, the young boy was diagnosed with an ear infection by his physician, and he was prescribed Cefdinir, an antibiotic medication.

After giving her son the medication for three days, the boy’s mother noticed that his symptoms were not getting any better and that he was lethargic, dehydrated, and prone to diarrhea. She called the pharmacy to see whether this was a normal reaction.

Apparently, upon calling the pharmacy, the boy’s mother found out that the prescription was written for four milliliters, to be taken once a day. However, when the boy’s father went to pick up the prescription, the pharmacist had provided instructions indicating the boy should be given four milliliters, twice per day.

The pharmacy issued a public statement acknowledging that an error was made and also reached out to the boy’s family to offer an apology. However, the experience left the mother shaken. She explained that, in her opinion, “there is no room for error in this job.”

Have You Been a Victim of a Maryland Pharmacy Error?

If you or your child has recently been provided the wrong medication, and you have suffered harm as a result, you may be entitled to monetary compensation through a pharmacy error lawsuit. The dedicated personal injury lawyers at the law firm of Lebowitz & Mzhen, LLC have decades of experience helping victims of pharmacy errors recover damages for their injuries. We work closely with our clients throughout the process, ensuring we answer any questions along the way. We also consult with a broad network of medical and scientific experts, when necessary, to help prove our clients’ cases. To learn more, call 410-654-3600 to schedule a free consultation today.

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