Medication Errors in Maryland Pharmacies May be Reduced with Periodic Brown Bag Check Ups

In many of our earlier posts, we have discussed the threats posed by medication errors in Maryland pharmacies. The Maryland pharmacy error attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen, LLC suggest that our clients take an active role in their health care in order to prevent prescription errors. Consumers should get as much information about their medications as possible, direct questions about their medications to their doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, and persist until these questions are answered clearly and understandably.

Individuals with chronic medical conditions are at increased risk for prescription errors. These patients often receive a number of prescriptions bearing various dosage instructions from different physicians. Maryland medication error attorneys suggest that their clients, especially those with chronic conditions, schedule a “brown-bag check up” with their pharmacist and primary care doctor. During a brown bag check up a patient gathers all of their prescription and over the counter medications and has them reviewed by health care professionals for dangerous interactions. Additionally, the pharmacist or doctor ensures that the medications are labeled and filled correctly, double checks the prescribed dosage strengths, and screens the drugs for serious side effects.

Maryland medication error attorneys believe that pharmacy patients should take advantage of prescription counseling provided by pharmacists to help reduce their risk of injuries caused by pharmacy misfills. A brown bag check up may help prevent injuries caused by jumbled medication dosage instructions. Under complex medication regimes, it is easy for confusion to cause a potentially harmful medication error.

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